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Life at Designer Group

Lucy Doyne

​Being part of Designer Group for thirteen years has been quite the ride. It's more than just a job—it's a place where experience is valued, and growth is encouraged. What keeps me here? It's the projects, sure, but mostly the people. There's a sense of collaboration and a genuine investment in our development. Every day is a chance to contribute to something meaningful, and that's what makes the journey worth it.

  • Lucy Doyne |
  • Commercial Manager

Empowering Excellence at Designer Group

At Designer Group, we recognise our people as our greatest asset, forming the core of our organisation. Their unique blend of skills, attitudes, and diverse perspectives ensures the consistent delivery of exceptional work. Nurturing talent within our business is paramount, providing every individual with the tools for outstanding client service.

Maximising Your Potential 

Our commitment is to maximise every team member's potential through substantial investment in career development, fostering our culture, and offering professional opportunities. Our strategy is to invest in people, evident in annual talent development programs and continuous professional development initiatives. Our structured review processes ensure ongoing support, whether aiming for advanced skills, honing existing abilities, or climbing the career ladder. We take pride in our inspiring, efficient, and hardworking teams, celebrating excellence and recognising exceptional performance.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are integral to our culture. We believe in providing equal opportunities, creating a workplace thriving on the sharing of languages, cultures, and experiences. Our commitment to respect, inclusion, and fairness is reflected in the diverse backgrounds of our proud employees, understanding that diversity fuels innovation and creativity.

Cultivating a Healthy and Social Workplace

We value our people beyond their roles, offering a comprehensive benefits scheme expressing gratitude for their contributions. Our commitment to workplace wellbeing extends to mental health support, with trained professionals available for confidential conversations. Our reimagined workspaces reflect dedication to a holistic and healthy work culture. Beyond work, Designer Group values social connection, regularly coordinating events for teams to unwind, build relationships, and celebrate camaraderie.​

Join us at Designer Group, where your potential is celebrated, your contributions matter, and your career is nurtured for sustained success.