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  • ​We strive to ensure that every employee reaches their full potential and ambition in Designer Group. The sky is the limit and the business provides the opportunities for individuals to grow their career at a pace that works for them. Our people are enabled to set out their 3-5 vision for personal growth and development, setting measurable goals and objectives which they are coached and mentored to achieve.  Whatever your career ambition in the industry, Designer Group will provide the opportunity to achieve it.

    Gary Byrne
    Gary Byrne, Operations Director
  • ​As the Head of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE), I invite passionate individuals to embark on a rewarding journey with us, where your commitment to safety not only protects our people but also shapes the future of our dynamic workplace. Your expertise is the key to our success, and your dedication will make a lasting impact. Discover a career with purpose, and join us in creating a safer, healthier, and more sustainable tomorrow.

    Dan Aspeling
    Dan Aspeling, Head of HSE & Sustainability
  • ​I started my journey with Designer Group in 2013 as an Electrical Apprentice. During my time at DG, I have gained so many new skills and experiences and am currently working as an electrical engineer. This has been made possible by the experiences I have gained working at DG and the courses I have been encouraged and supported to go on. I have had the benefit of working under a range of great managers, all of whom have helped with my development and helped me to get where I am with my career today.

    Josh Chapman
    Josh Chapman, Project Manager
  • ​I joined Designer Group in February 2018 and immediately felt like I was part of a family. I love my job and as my friends keep saying, I really fell on my feet when I started here. This is my first role in the construction industry and while everyone works extremely hard, we also have lots of fun. The team are very inclusive and are always ready to celebrate, which is great for my social life too.​​

    Maire Hey
    Maire Hey, CEO PA
  • ​Coming from an architectural background with a history in freelance graphic design, I was excited to start an in-house graphic design career with Designer Group. I felt an instant warm welcome the moment I stepped foot in the door and haven’t looked back since. I am excited to create a positive impact with and for Designer Group.

    Denzel Vambe
    Denzel Vambe, Group Graphic Designer
  • ​Learning is a never-ending process. As a Talent & Development Manager, I am dedicated to cultivating an environment where your growth is not just encouraged, but essential. Our hiring process is a gateway to endless possibilities, ensuring that everyone, regardless of background or experience, has an equal opportunity to succeed. Join our team, and you'll see firsthand how to build a career where your potential is realised, and continuous learning is not just a philosophy but a daily reality.

    Siobhan Glover
    Siobhan Glover, Talent & Development Manager
  • ​Working for Designer Group has been an incredibly rewarding experience, thanks to the company's ambitious strategy in new markets and industries. This dynamic environment has not only fuelled my professional development but has also elevated my abilities. The core values of Safe, Trust, Respect, Challenge, and Deliver have shaped the company culture and provided a solid framework that empowers me to excel. Knowing that I have the unwavering support of my team members has made my journey with Designer Group truly fulfilling.

    Hein Heunis
    Hein Heunis, Commercial Manager
  • ​At the heart of innovation lies our commitment to assembling the right minds for the right roles. As the Engineering Director, UK, I recognise that our success is not just about projects; it's about people. Join us, not just for a job, but for a role that stimulates your mind and where the opportunities are endless. Our hiring process is meticulously designed to identify the unique strengths each individual brings, ensuring that our collective experience is strong. Together, we will engineer a future where every team member thrives in their perfect role, and where innovation has no limits.

    Paul Fielder
    Paul Fielder, Engineering Director, UK